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Imperial Navy

The Imperial Navy is responsible for all fleets in the Empire. They provide transportation for the Imperial Army, escort for cargo missions, fire support, and any other missions requiring the need of a starship. The Treaty of Archos Prime established the Imperial Navy. Since that day the Imperial Navy has been the shield for the Empire.

As a result of The Treaty of Archos Prime, each of the Noble houses turned over its fleets to the Empire. The Imperial Navy is still made up of the eight fleets that were handed over by the Noble houses. By tradition, the Fleet Admiral of each fleet comes from the Noble House that the fleet belonged to, and the person chosen is agreed to by Imperial Navy High Command and the ruler of the Noble House.

Current Head


The Imperial Navy is composed of 8 fleets under the command of the Imperial Naval High Command. In turn each fleet is lead by a Fleet Admiral that is appointed by the Imperial Naval High Command and the appropriate Noble House.

Fleet Noble House Fleet Admiral
1st Fleet Vargoss Lord Kilarous Mardins
2nd Fleet Stromar Count Orland Vance
3rd Fleet Meiji Danshaku Meiji Yamamoto
4th Fleet Jarson Baronessa Liandra Marpesia
5th Fleet Kernic Avarious Marvania Kronarous
6th Fleet Travar Duke Orvand Mitarous
7th Fleet Balar Fru Kalista Olafson
8th Fleet Harmic Vilcara Jorstien

Imperial Military Ranks

Equivalent Officer ranks for The Imperial Army and Imperial Navy

Rank Imperial Army Imperial Navy
O1 Second Lieutenant Ensign
O2 First Lieutenant Lieutenant, Junior Grade
O3 Captain Lieutenant
O4 Major Lieutenant Commander
O5 Lieutenant Colonel Commander
O6 Colonel Captian
O7 Brigadier General Rear Admira
O8 Major General Vice Admiral
O9 Lieutenant General Admiral
O10 General Fleet Admiral

Equivalent Enlisted ranks for The Imperial Army and Imperial Navy

Rank Imperial Army Imperial Navy
E1 Private Spaceman Recruit
E2 Private 1st Class Spaceman Apprentice
E3 Lance Corporal Spaceman
E4 Corporal Petty Officer 3rd Class
E5 Sergeant Petty Officer 2nd Class
E6 Staff Sergeant Petty Officer 1st Class
E7 Gunnery Sergeant Cheif Petty Officer
E8 Master Sergeant Senior Chief Petty Officer
E9 Sergeant Major Master Chief Petty Officer
E10 Command Sergeant Major Command Master Chief Petty Officer


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