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What hides in the shadows is not just in your mind.

The 7th age of man started a millennium ago with the end of the Palatar Wars. This war had lasted 3 generations and only ended when Vargoss I united the noble houses and was declared Emperor of the Known Universe. The Emperor’s power was spelled out in the Treaty of Archos Prime. It established the relationship between the Emperor, the noble houses and the powers conferred to each.

The edge of the empire is the Frontier, the edge of known space and the last bastions of individual freedom, where the reach of the Emperor and the Houses is limited. Beyond the Frontier is unknown space. All probes and exploration missions have failed to return. Within the bars of the Frontier there are stories of unknown aliens from beyond the Frontier and strange events that have led some to speculate that whatever is on the other side is taking a peak.

The Vargoss family, currently headed by the Emperor Lornarouss Vargoss, and the seven noble houses hold power in the universe. They hold absolute power over the known universe and those under their sway in the various systems that make up the Empire. While on the Frontier, things are starting simmer beneath the surface.

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