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Victor’s Log

Captain’s Log
Star Date: Today.
So they want us to keep a log. Stupid, but if it gets this trumped up treason charge off me, so be it. Might actually be fun.

I understand why they would want me on this mission, but some of these people are just retarded. This Michael guy… what can I say, he murdered a guy. Apparently the guy was an old friend. Not that I have a problem with killing when necessary, but that’s just messed up. The dog girl seems somewhat useful, but we really haven’t been in a situation that allows her to demonstrate her worth. Cat girl seems worthless. Supposedly she’s a pilot, and if being able to get us from point A to point B qualifies her as such then whatever. I have grave reservations about her abilities when it matters. Samuel, despite being an android, is the only one with any common sense. He talks weird. We definitely need to get that firmware updated. There’s also the two “maintenance bots”. I like them despite the sad attempt to cover the fact that they’re obviously assassin/body guard droids for the princess. And of course there’s the Princess. What can I say…she has a great ass.


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