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Noble Houses

There our eight noble houses in the Empire. Varogss, is the Imperial family and the other 7 help run the Empire by managing the systems they control. Each family has sworn fealty to the Vargoss in exchange for the the right to rule the systems they control. Together the 8 Noble Houses run the Empire.

VargossBethous IVAracousMajorThe Imperial family and rulers of the known universe.
MeijiKido PrimeIdaMajorThe second most powerful house.
KernicRandousVarnossMajorThe Formax. The makers of androids.
JarsonStrakosQuarariousMajorThe only female ruled noble house.
StromarPrtarousDeravousMajorVargoss’s closest allies.
BalarLaravousCaradousMinorThe Atrox. The builders of the Empire.
HarmicParavinTarttorMinorThe masters of trade and commerce in the Empire.
TravarVistabarKardonMinorThe Tromet. Masters of Engineering and Ship Building.


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