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Imperial Codex

The Imperial Codex is the official Imperial record of the systems that make up the known universe. The codex is maintained by the Imperial Surveyor’s Office and entries are updated annually with census data and system and planetary survys.

Core Systems

AracousHome System of the Vargoss
IdaHome System of the Meji
VarnossHome System of the Kernic
QuarariousHome System of the Jarson
DeravousHome System of the Stromar
CaradousHome System of the Balar
TarttorHome System of the Harmic
KardonHome System of the Travar

Mid Rim Systems

DavrousA trading hub in the Mid Rim overseen by the Stromar
Laharah A Jarson Duchy in the Mid Rim

The Frontier

KilamarLargest mining operation in the Empire


From Beyond The Frontier berdman